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Personal Training

Exact Fit Personal Training

Exact Fit Personal Training

Four Seasons Fitness has its own personal training company being operated right here from the gym in Glassboro, NJ.  It’s called “Exact Fit”.and, the name pretty much sums up what we do.  It is owned and operated by Larry Kniceley, a former law enforcement executive from here in southern New Jersey.  We design and fit a personal training program designed especially for YOUR goals and desires.  But, what sets us apart from other personal training businesses is the relationships we establish with our clients.  We become familiar with every person’s individual backgrounds and experiences which allow us to create and structure a personal training program just for you.

We not only teach the basics of weight training, but also instruct varied and advanced training routines like boxing, weighted interval training, full functional movements and Olympic type lifts. Plus, we offer basic nutritional recommendations.

 General Training Information

Private training is dedicated exclusively to helping you achieve your goals during your exclusive, one-on-one training sessions. It’s just you and your trainer, with no distractions to interrupt you or interfere with your progress.

This means you and your trainer are able to concentrate on the individually-tailored workout they create for you, based on your needs and goals. Your trainer stays with you every step of the way—demonstrating movements, inspiring you, answering your questions, monitoring your progress, and adjusting your workout as your needs change and your abilities grow.

You have complete access to all of the state-of-the-art training equipment in the club during your training sessions.
This unique and secure training experience helps you devote all of your attention and energy to your workout. You stay focused, motivated and energized. Plus, you achieve results far beyond your expectations in less time than you ever dreamed possible.
Sessions are available in one hour and half hour packages. You may also choose our payment plan/monthly option.

Training Session Prices

Quick Start

$29.99 – A great way to get started and to learn how to use the equipment in our club.

One Hour Training Sessions

  • 1 – $45
  • 5 – $215
  • 10 – $420
  • 20 – $800

Half Hour Training Sessions

  • 1 – $35
  • 5 – $159
  • 10 – $300
  • 20 – $500

Partner/Group Training

* Hour sessions only. Price is per person.

  • 10 – $250 ($25)

Partner/Group Training (Semi-Private training) is for friends, family members, couples or people who want assistance and want the benefits of having a personal trainer who will guide them during their workouts and are looking to share the experience and cost of personal training. Working out with a partner is a smart and affordable option to help you reach your goals by allowing you to meet with your trainer on a more frequent and consistent basis.

You can create your own group or we can create a semi-private group for you… whatever is easier.
During your semi-private sessions you will consistently be working towards your health and fitness goals by doing a great variety of exercises, from cardiovascular training and flexibility to core conditioning programs and coordination.

The semi-private sessions will have you moving in a variety of ways throughout the session. In some ways it can be more fun than working out alone since now you are not just accountable to your trainer, you are accountable to your partner or group as well! Motivation? Definitely!

Due to the prep time needed for this type of training, this option is only available in one hour sessions and in package form.


All personal training fees are non-transferable and non-refundable

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