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Friends & Family Monthly Membership

No Long-Term Contract Required

All Friends & Family memberships have a “Primary” who is the responsible billing person for all monthly dues; for themselves and those under their account. To start a Primary account all you need to pay is $79.97 (+tax) when you join. This includes your first and last months dues. If you’re joining by yourself your monthly dues will be $29.97 per month, but if you add Friends & Family members to your account we will automatically adjust your monthly dues as follows:



  • $29.97 per month
  • If you’re joining by yourself your monthly dues will be $29.97 per month. *See Terms and Conditions below. Does not include sales tax.
  • $24.97


    per person per month

  • Your monthly dues drop as you add on friends or family to your account. Any friend or family can be added to your account for $19.97 per person per month after paying their first and last months’ dues. *See Terms and Conditions below. Does not include sales tax.

  • $19.97 per person per month
  • When you have at least 4 friends or family under your account, your dues drop to the same price as any add on. As a primary you can add as many friends and family as you like to your account by paying 1st and last month’s dues (plus tax) for each add-on when they first join. Then each month your account will be charged $19.97 (plus tax) for every add-on under your account. All monthly payments are by EFT. *See Terms and Conditions below. Does not include sales tax.

Paid-In-Full Memberships

As an option to our Friends & Family memberships you can also purchase any of the term paid in full memberships you see below.

  • • 9 Week Trial $99
  • • 1 Month $80
  • • 1 Visit $10
  • • 3 month Student Special $99 (*Limited time only. Must show valid student ID)
  • • 1 month Student Special $59 (*Limited time only. Must show valid student ID)

Kidz Korner

Per Visit

$3 each child/visit

Per Month
(EFT add-on Only)
*30 day cancel notice required (this means you will be charged one more month’s dues after you cancel child care services). **must have Flextyme or Friends & Family membership.

$10/month – 1st child

$5/month – each additional child

Target Zone Training

Designed by Cathe Friedrich, Target Zone Training is the latest concept in fitness and is based on a simple concept – If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you!

Our small group training classes offer a more affordable option than individual personal training sessions for those who are looking for motivation, coaching and a structured exercise program to reach their weight loss and fitness goals.

For Target Zone membership prices, click here.

Optional Purchases

Towels – $5 per month

Terms and Conditions

Our Friends and Family membership requires a 90 day cancellation notice. Since you have already paid your last month’s dues you will only be charged two more payments after you have cancelled your membership and you can of course continue to use the facility during this time. We recommend you cancel in person at the club or if you prefer you may send a certified letter. A $5 fee is required for each member you wish to cancel. Also, if you cancel on the due date of your monthly dues you will still be charged two more payments, so make sure to cancel in advance of your due date. Canceling family add-ons may cause the primary’s monthly dues to increase. If a primary member cancels, but their add-ons wish to continue, then one add-on must become the new Primary for the group.


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