Target Zone Training

We offer a wide variety of butt kicking Target Zone classes that mix high intensity interval training with metabolic and functional training. Our classes utilize TRX, treadmills, Helix lateral trainers, spin bikes, dumbbells and more. Class sizes are limited and we recommend you reserve a spot for any class you want to take using our website or easy to use App.

To keep you motivated every class participant wears a “MyZone” monitoring system that we provide that measures heart rate, calories burned and effort in real time, helping users reach their fitness goals. Each user’s information is then displayed on giant TV’s during the class along with their fellow class participant’s stats. There is no faking it in these classes, the performance monitor doesn’t lie! *You may purchase also purchase your own private performance monitor if wish to.

All fitness levels are welcome as Target Zone Training offers classes specifically designed for everyone from beginners to elite performance athletes. All classes are 30 to 55 mins in length. Because we monitor your heart rate you will always train in just the right zone for your ability and the type of class being offered.

So if you’re looking to crush some calories, blast away fat and get in the best shape of your life, try our new Target Zone Training classes.