Club Rules

Four Seasons Fitness Policies

As a member or guest, you acknowledge that you are physically able to engage in any activity, program or training provided, and agree that all exercises and use of this facility are taken at your sole risk. You also agree to accept full responsibility for all personal belongings. Any derogatory remarks involving any other member of the club or club personnel will not be permitted.

To ensure a pleasant workout environment, please review the following items:

General Guidelines:

  • Make sure you always warm-up your body prior to starting your exercise program. Warming up your muscles prior to exercise minimizes the risk of injury and will increase the effectiveness of your workout. A proper stretching routine will help control the adjustment between the muscles and connective tissue, which enables the body to meet the increased demands of your workout.
  • For your safety and the safety of other members, our staff may make occasional recommendations on proper equipment usage and functional form during your performance of exercises.
  • Solicitation of Four Seasons employees or members by other clubs or businesses is strictly prohibited and may result in immediate termination of membership without compensation.

General Club Policies:

  • Only certified trainers employed by Four Seasons are allowed to train members or conduct classes in our facility.
  • No solicitation or posting of signs by members or guests is permitted in the facility without prior written approval by the owners.
  • It is important that all members are out of the facility by closing time. An announcement will be made and or TV’s and Music turned off about 15-minutes prior to the club closing.
  • Please remember to bring your membership card with you and scan it each visit.
  • For safety reasons, no gym bags or jackets are permitted on the club floor. Please put them in a locker.
  • Towels are highly recommended. You may bring your own or take advantage of our towel service.

Proper Clothing and Hygiene:

  • Appropriate athletic shoes only. No street shoes, boots, work boots, sandals, or open toe shoes are permitted in the workout areas.
  • Clean workout clothes are required. The management will address any unsatisfactory hygiene conditions and corrective action may be required.
  • All other clothing and shoes must be kept in a locked locker. Please keep all valuables at home. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Please avoid the use of perfume or cologne. If it’s absolutely necessary, please use it sparingly.
  • Please, no belt buckles, jeans or loose jewelry items can be worn in the workout area because these items may damage the equipment or cause you injury.

Equipment and Cardiovascular Training Areas:

  • Please be courteous at all times.
  • Allow others to share the equipment while you are resting between sets (“Working in” policy).
  • Keep all hands and feet away from all moving parts and weight stacks. Be aware of all machines around you.
  • Do not attempt to repair or adjust any equipment that has malfunctioned.
  • Please inform a member of our staff of any problems with equipment immediately.
  • Use your workout towel to wipe off equipment and benches after each use. There is a disinfectant spray with paper towels located on the club floor and the cardio area.
  • All plates and dumbbells must be returned to their proper place after you are finished with them. If you fail to put back your plates or dumbbells, there will be three (3) attempts to remind you of this policy. The fourth reminder is revocation of your membership without a refund and you are obligated to continue to pay your membership dues.
  • If dumbbells appear to be loose or cracked, please report the matter to our staff immediately.
  • Always use a spotter when attempting maximum weights.
  • Collar and clips are used for “free weight” bar lifting and are mandatory.
  • Screaming during lifting is a safety issue for other members and a distraction and is not allowed.
  • Chalk is not permitted in the gym.
  • Dropping or slamming down of weights may injure you or other members and is a distraction and will not be tolerated. This may also damage club property and you may be held liable for any damages.
  • Profanity is not permitted in the club at any time.

Food and Drink:

  • Bottled plastic containers are allowed anywhere in the club as long as they have a lid. Due to safety concerns, glass is not permitted.
  • Food is not permitted in the club.

“Three Strikes and You’re Out” Policy:

  • Our club has a “three strikes and you’re out” policy. If any of the above guidelines or policies is violated by a member, we reserve the right to write up an incident report about the violation, which will be kept on file indefinitely.
  • If a member receives three of these incident reports, they will be asked to leave the club therefore terminating their membership.
  • Our club is especially concerned about guidelines that concern safety in the club, such as dropping dumbbells or barbells and leaving plates on equipment, or dumbbells around the floor. A member will be first warned, but if that person continues to endanger themselves, other members and create distractions, they will be asked to leave.

General Information:

  • A $30 or more (fees vary and could change) service fee will be attached to any returned checks or drafts along with any bank fees.
  • If you lose your membership card there will be a fee of $5 to replace it.

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