Stride & Glide Starts Monday, March 12th

image of Target Zone members working out using Treadmills and Total Gyms


New TZT class starting Monday, March 12th!

Join Jenn March 12 at 6pm for STRIDE & GLIDE! This 60 minute class will begin with 20 minutes of treadmill cardio followed by a 35 minute solid upper body strength workout on the Total Gym! There’s no time for downtime in this class so get ready to get busy!

We offer two main types of memberships for joining our Target Zone classes. 1. Monthly Memberships or 2. Punch Card sessions. You don’t have to be a member of Four Seasons Fitness to join Target Zone, but all Four Season Fitness members do receive a discount on all our small group training Target Zone classes. You can sign up online or at our club. To learn more about our Target Zone rates just click on the following link.  | Click Here |

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