image of Target Zone members working out using Treadmills and Total Gyms

Stride & Glide Starts Monday, March 12th

  New TZT class starting Monday, March 12th! Join Jenn March 12 at 6pm for STRIDE & GLIDE! This 60 minute class will begin with 20 minutes of treadmill cardio followed by a 35 minute solid upper body strength workout on the Total Gym! There’s no time for downtime in this class so get ready […]

image of Four Seasons Fitness main workout room in Glassboro, NJ

We Can Handle The Crowds!

This is a pic of our largest weight and exercise room at 6:30 pm on Monday, which is the busiest day and time of the week for any gym. We can handle the crowds even during the busiest time of the week and year because we designed our club from day one to be able […]

image of some of the new Nautilus equipment installed just installed at Four Seasons Fitness

Why Our New Nautilus One Is Considered the “Rolls Royce” of Fitness Equipment

Our new Nautilus One® equipment combines a revolutionary new weight stack technology with the most intuitive and user-friendly weight selection method ever created: a dial. The result is a line of equipment that finally brings single-station training into the 21st century. Select your weight with the simple turn of the aluminium dial—it’s that easy. The […]

image of trucks delivering new equipment to Four Seasons Fitness

7 Truckloads of New Equipment Have Just Arrived!

It’s an exciting day here at Four Seasons Fitness as 7 truck loads of new equipment have just arrived. This will be a little chaotic here today as crews will be replacing  and removing  a lot of our older equipment and replacing them with brand new Nautilus One, Nautilus Impact Lock & Load, Nautilus Inspiration, […]

image of Four Seasons Fitness new VersaStriders

Incinerate Fat on Our New Low Impact Cardio Machines

Not only have we upgraded most of our selectorized weight machines, but we’re also showing our cardio deck some love too with the purchase of two new Star Trac Versastriders, two new Precor elliptical’s, and two new Step Mill Guantlets. All of these new cardio machines are what we call in the industry “level 7” […]

image of seniors getting fit with Zumba Gold at Four Seasons Fitness

Lack of Exercise is More Harmful To the Muscles of Older People

Lack of exercise is more harmful to the muscles of older people and is why our senior fitness program at Four Seasons is so important. Everyone, regardless of age, needs regular exercise to stay fit, healthy, and functional. Without movement, muscles atrophy and become smaller, weaker, and less capable of doing the things we need […]

image of a Zumba class at Fours Seasons Fitness

Join Us For a Special Zumba Fitness Class and Support SPARC!

February, 24th • 12pm–1:30pm at Four Seasons Fitness Zumba Instructors Lisa Brigandi and Heather will lead us in Zumba fitness as we celebrate and dance for those that are living a life of hope and freedom recovery. And in memory of those taken from this disease we honor their lives by coming together to raise […]